On January 1st 2019 Crossfit HQ released a completely renovated website to accompany its renewed focus on the corporation's core mission. As part of that focus on delivering fitness and health to the public by way of supporting the preparation and competency of its affiliate trainers, I was contracted to produce a from-the-ground-up presentation of introductory anatomical illustrations and text descriptions. 

Each set of images and text represents six days of creating the comprising pencil drawings, digital corrections, and text composition on my end. The staff at Crossfit media spend additional time in preparing them for release.

Below are links to those products published to date (full size and newest on top).

Thoracic Musculature Part 2
Thoracic Musculature Part 1
Cervical Musculature Part 2
Cervical Musculature Part 1
Muscle Basics Part 4
Muscle Basics Part 3
Muscle Basics Part 2
Muscle Basics Part 1
Bone Deposition & Osteoporosis
Foot & Ankle
Wrist & Hand
Vertebral Curves
Sacrum & Coccyx
Lumbar Vertebrae
Thoracic Vertebrae
Sternum & Ribs
Cervical Vertebrae
Basic Vertebral Structure
Bones of the Skull
The Skeleton
Vertebral Movements
Ankle Movements
Knee Movements
Hip Movements
The Vasa Vasorum
Hand Movements
Wrist Movements
Elbow Movements
Shoulder Movements
Levers - Part 7
Levers - Part 6
Levers - Part 5
Levers - Part 4
Levers - Part 3
Levers - Part 2
Levers - Part 1
Planes of the Body
Anatomical Planes


In the original iteration of the "Keep Fitness Legal" website and in the Crossfit Journal, I was contracted to produce a number of illustrations, infographics, and texts regarding problems within the fitness industry.

I also do, and have done long ago, other work and play with pencils and pens. Some have even been useful. The first image below left is a web logo done for my son. The last image below right was done for my doctoral dissertation, illustrating the ligation of the left common coronary artery of a rat (I did about 90 of those procedures a few decades ago).



Aside from the illustrations conceived and created for Starting Strength and Practical Programming for Strength Training (Editions 1 and 2), I've put out three other books with my drawing and photographic illustration works within.


There once was a Killustrated print shop where I did all of my own screen printing of my original shirt designs and custom printed original posters, but that function is now outsourced and provides a small spectrum of historically popular and useful products. Click the image to visit the Killustrated poster and t-shirt store:


My illustration, photographic, video, and text work, along with the contributions of a number of other superbly qualified and talented science, fitness, and business educators, can be found at the core of the courses offered by the Kilgore Academy. We are a Crossfit Approved CEU provider for Level 3 and Level 4 trainers and coaches

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